Catherine Brennon


My vision as an Artist has always been to make beautiful items to give pleasure and contribute to the positive side of life. Connecting with people through my work is of primary importance and motivation in my work.

I am probably best known for my ceramic Dream Boxes. Dream Boxes are containers made to house small items of special significance. This hidden space is personal and private, and the items typically stored would probably have little material value. Each Dream Box is unique and I approach the form as my clay canvas, creating many different styles, using a variety of treatments, depending on the narrative selected.

I also paint in acrylic medium into which I incorporate various other mediums such as charcoal, water soluble inks, pastels and crayons and sometimes collage. Up until recently I have not put my paintings out for public scrutiny. They have been private expression of another side of my artistic life.

Living in Hermanus, between the sea and the mountains, has had a definite impact on my work. Nature continues to be my biggest source of inspiration and these aspects of my life are ever present in both my paintings and my ceramic work.

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